Cerberus Storage FAQs

What is the minimum storage period you offer?

We have one month for vehicles, and a three month minimum storage period for containers, payable monthly in advance.

Can I visit your facility before committing to store my car/have any work done with you?

Of course! We pride ourselves in the way we present ourselves to our customers, so we would be more than happy to show you around our facility to discuss your specific requirements prior to storage or any other works carried out. Please ‘contact us’ to arrange a meeting.

When can I have access to my storage?

You have free access during normal working hours (0830 to 1730 weekdays and 0830 to 1230 Saturday). Please phone to discuss access arrangements outside of these times.

Can I maintain my vehicle?

No, to help keep our customers vehicles safe and secure, we do not allow any form of maintenance to be carried out unless by ourselves.

Do you supply battery conditioners?

Yes, we attach battery conditioners to all vehicles on our Silver and Gold packages. We only use new battery conditioners from CTEK (the worlds leading specialists) for intelligent charging and automatic temperature control.
Battery conditioners are essential when storing modern vehicles since their sophisticated computers, alarms, anti-corrossion systems and tracking devices can drain a battery in just 2 – 3 weeks. This can be a costly mistake as a flat battery can immobilise your vehicle requiring a dealer recovery service and full computer re-set by the manufacturer.
Older vehicles or restoration projects often do not need a battery conditioner in which case our Bronze package may be an option.

Can I use my own battery conditioner whilst my car is in your storage facility?

Unfortunately, due to fire risks and product testing we do not use battery conditioners that are supplied by customers. However, we supply C-TEK battery conditioners to ensure that your cars are kept in pristine condition.

Can you store my motorbike?

Yes, we have a dedicated area for motorcycles.

Can you store my Boat?

Yes, we offer both inside and outside storage of boats.

Can you store my caravan?

Yes, we offer both inside and outside storage of caravans.

Can you store my trailer?

Yes and we can offer onsite servicing and repair (see our trailer page)

Can you store a future restoration project?

Yes, we can store anything from a pallet of components through to a complete vehicle.

Do you offer vehicle collection or delivery?

We do run our own transportation service, and can arrange pick-up and delivery or your vehicle.

Can I supply my own cover?

Yes, all our cars and motorcycles are fitted with a free, non-hygroscopic, loose fitting dust cover, however, if you would prefer us to use your own cover, that’s fine.

Do you have a forklift?

Yes, we have modern forklifts up to 3.2 tonne capacity with attachments (essential for manoeuvring trailers, lifting boats and moving pallets of components).

How much fuel should I leave in my tank?

This is a common question because there is conflicting advice available and it depends on an number of factors (e.g. fuel tank material, the use of fuel additives, length of stay, age of the car, humidity/temperature control).
For your particular vehicle, you may wish to seek specialist advice from the manufacturers or owners’ clubs.
Failing any specific guidance, the safest solution for long term storage (3 – 24 months) is a full tank of fresh fuel with fuel stabiliser added and run through the system.
For storage periods longer than 24 months, you may be better off draining the tank completely.

Do you provide Insurance?

Yes, we have a comprehensive Motor Trade Policy with Aviva which covers our vehicles in storage, in transit and the building itself.
Vehicle insurance cover up to £50,000 is included in our published Rates. Vehicle cover up to £100,000 may also be included, but only by prior arrangement. We do not store vehicles valued at more than £100,000.
Many Insurance companies will maintain your no claims discount for just 2 years, so some customers also have their own ‘laid up’ or ‘SORN’ insurance cover as well (e.g. Hagerty or Adrian Flux).

Can you organise an MOT?

Yes, we would be happy to coordinate this for you.

Rail Travel?

If you are arriving or departing by train, we can arrange drop off or collection to Salisbury station.


To help keep our prices low, we require storage payments monthly in advance by Standing Order. Any additional charges are billed monthly in arrears for payment by bank transfer.

What security is in place?

We take our security extremely seriously and have invested heavily in a number of security measures. For your peace of mind our facility is in a discreet, privately owned location (not an industrial estate). 

Can you recommend any local garages?

Yes, for new cars and motorcycles all the main dealers can be found online, however, we work with a number of local trade partners to provide a wide range of specialist services.

What tyre protection do you offer?

We offer tyre trainers and/or inflation to prevent flat-spotting.

Do you offer a Valet service?

Yes, we now offer a very comprehensive valet for cars and motorcycles. From a simple one hour, pre-store clean, right through to a full day of detailing.